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Design Is Leadership

Join The Strategic Design Association™ and Thousands of Really Smart People Committed to Making a Material & Substantive Difference in the World through Applied Strategic Design Thinking.™

As the Global Association and Certifying Body for Strategic Design, Experience Design, Data Science, and Instructional Design we take a holistic approach in designing for the greatness of our members.

Think of us as the unifying space for the advancement of the design community and the communities of practice within the design fields.

Take one of our free courses and start your journey, or get serious and get certified in any of our core four fields:

Strategic Design

Experience Design

Data Science or

Instructional Design.

Mentorship & Support: You need it, we gladly provide it!

Our #1 priority is our members and how we can

be a cause

in the matter to help them.

It is one of our core values and we take them very seriously.

1. Integrity

2. Authenticity

3. Being Part of Something Bigger Than Ourselves

4. Being Cause in the Matter

You can count on us to help in any way that we can.

If you would like to know more about these values and how they shaped the design of the Strategic Design Association and everything we do, you can get that information here…


Join The Strategic Design Association and reap the benefits of being a member that nobody else offers. With direct and indirect access to a tribe of people from companies like Ebay, Accenture, Whirlpool, McKinsey & Company, Coca-Cola and many more, it almost becomes an obvious choice.

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What does this membership mean to you?

Here at the Strategic Design Association, we believe that we can actually help you, so if you’re a Student and in need of an internship or a job, then take advantage of the recruiters we have waiting to get you a job (granted you might have to actually put in some work because there are no free lunches in life), or if you are a professor, then take advantage of the alternative platform to publish your papers, or if you are a leader in the design community, then become an advocate with us and check out the rest of more of these awesome benefits here…

Endless Possibilities For Our Members:

The Team You Need in The Village You Want

Incredible Features: The Proof Is In The Pudding

SXDI Membership is loaded with useful benefits, each one with its own meaningful purpose.

We listen to our members and integrate their requests on a regular basis. is not just built by US – It’s built by our members, as a space, with the primary purpose to design for their greatness.

In the simplest terms – We are space for our members greatness to show up in.